Four Classic Roof Designs

Roofs—they’re like the hardhats of our home. They’re built with an expectation that they’ll withstand decades of rain, snow, hail and even sun in order to keep you and your family safe. A complete and reliable roofing system involves water drainage, ventilation, deck protection, leak barriers, ridge capping, wood decking, flashing, skylights, and more! People think that it’s just a layer slapped on top of your walls, but it’s much more than just that. Of course, just because it’s meant for protection doesn’t mean that it can’t look good. Here at Expert Construction Roofing, we give you complete and quality roofing systems that are also impressive to look at from the outside. Call us now at (615) 756-7502 for great roofing in Madison TN and surrounding areas!

Over the years, homeowners, architects and engineers alike have come up with ideas for roofing that range from funky to functional. Starting with the simple thatch roof, to the wooden roof, to tiling, to shingles and beyond. Every person longs for a reliable roof above their heads, so it is obvious that each civilization during their own times had developed varying methods, tools, materials and designs for their roof systems. The Greeks and Romans were the first to experiment with different roofing styles. The Romans as early as 100 BC introduced slating and tiling to roofing. In the 12th century, Britain was under law to have every thatch and reed roofs replaced with clay tiles. In the southern parts of the United States, wood and metal were mostly used for roof coverings. We’ve sure come a long way with our roofing in Madison TN!

Nowadays, we have a couple of designs commonly used by homeowners not only within America but also all throughout the world. Take note that each design has its own benefits and disadvantages, from being able to shed snow and rain with ease to more difficult maintenance procedures. With the spring season coming up, we won’t have to expect heavy blankets of snow crashing down on our roofs anymore, but some rains may come around that may give our house’s hats a considerable beating. Let’s take a look at these designs now.

Gable Roof

gable roofThese are simplistic roof designs that have caught on in countless American households and have held the popular choice in suburban and urban areas. A gable roof is basically an upside-down V. In the hands of the homeowner or the architect is the “slant” of the V—basically how wide the V is when viewed from the front. This allows a wide range of personalization and customization options, with even possible additions of entry porches or dormers.


  • Easily sheds water, snow or debris
  • Easier attic ventilation
  • Simple design, easy to build, cheaper labor costs


  • Vulnerable to high winds and extreme weather
  • Poor structural layout will result in collapse




Mansard RoofsMansard Roofs

Mansard roofs are complicated and are a challenge to build. With roots in its design all the way back to the French Renaissance, this particular style of roofs gives off an aura of complexity thanks to its captivating and unique form. Mansard roofs are usually used for restaurants and apartment buildings.


  • Additional attic space for living/storage
  • Flexibility in interior design
  • Style and character


  • Unideal for heavy snowfall
  • Difficult to build, more expensive


Hip RoofsHip Roofs

If you own a cottage or bungalow, the hip roof is the way to go. A hip roof is characterized by four sloping sides and is usually combined with the gable for more variety or character. Hip roofs are sturdy, and can bear loads of winds or snow.


  • One of the strongest roof designs
  • More ventilation
  • Ceiling and attic design options


  • Expensive
  • Risk of water leakage



Flat RoofsFlat Roofs

Flat roofs are the headpieces of the modern trend of architecture. Although they are unideal for places with heavy rain or snow because of their little slope if not none at all, they do give you various options for customization.


  • Incredibly simple
  • Can be used as an accent
  • Can accommodate heating or cooling systems and other add-ons


  • Water/snow damage

With spring already here, we’re again shedding off the snow and harsh cold of winter. Help your house shed easier by making a smart and informed choice on what roof to pick! Considering what kind of roof you’re getting for your house should be no big problem if you work with experts. That’s precisely why we’re here for you—Expert Construction gives you innovative and reliable solutions for all your needs in roofing in Madison TN and its surrounding areas! Contact us now at (615) 756-7502 or e-mail us at for more detailed inquiries.