Will a New Roof by Roofing Companies in Goodlettsville, TN Add Value to Your Home?

When it comes to home improvements, a lot of people do no pay much attention to the roof. Little do they know that a proper roof replacement can actually bring back more than 60% return on investment and add about 15% – 40% to the overall value of the house.Roofing contractors in Goodlettsville, TN will surely agree that a properly executed roof replacement, with all the right elements, will surely bring forth several benefits.

We install asphalt, rubber and metal roofing, and each of these come with their own advantages. If these are properly installed by professional roofers such as Expert Construction Roofing, you will surely reap the benefits these materials provide.

The Variable
There are many variables that affect how much a new roof adds value to a house. First and foremost, you need to consider the current condition of your old roof. You don’t simply rip off a good roof just because experts say a new one will add value to your home, because this will definitely not help you achieve your goal. Also, what are the upgrades that will be incorporate in the new roof? Several home buyers will want an upgraded roof that needs no fixing once they move in, but keep in mind other factors such as the materials, the design, the installation work, and many more.

Efficiency is a Huge Plus
In today’s world where more and more people are searching for ways to live a more efficient and environment-friendly life, energy-efficient roofs are definitely a major appeal to homeowners and buyers, alike. With the several developments in the industry, roofing companies near Goodlettsville, TN are taking every possible step to provide their customers with modern and innovative roofing solutions that help them conserve energy while doing their part in saving what’s left of the environment. It sells because it’s a win-win situation.

Boosts Curb Appeal
One of the obvious benefits for having a new roof is an increase in curb appeal. Every real estate agent will tell you that curb appeal can make or break your home. If buyers are not impressed with what they see from the outside, they will most likely NOT knock on your door. And, whether you are buying or not, who wouldn’t want a house with a gorgeous roof?

The several innovations in the roofing industry has definitely made homes more efficient, comfortable, appealing, and valuable. It is not surprising that a well-executed roof replacement, with all the right elements, will definitely increase the home’s market value. However, again, it is important to consider all the above-mentioned variables before making a decision.

If you are considering having your roof replaced but are still unsure because of several questions going through your mind, feel free to give us a call. Expert Construction Roofing will provide all necessary information on asphalt shingles, metal and rubber roof systems for you to make a good decision. You can also contact us to set up a free roof assessment and quote.