In The Know: Causes of Roof Damage

Roof Damage madison tn
The roof is one of the most important elements of any building construction. It’s so important in fact, that a building isn’t considered a building without it. We now know from the previous blog that even the simplest of roofs can have a major impact on our survival. A shelter can exist without the walls, but it is essential for one to construct a roof. With that being said, roofing in Madison, TN has come a long way since the development of early roofing techniques. Gone are the days when one designs a roof out of twigs and leaves. These days, people create roofs out of sturdier materials like wood, concrete, even metal. These frames are then covered with protective materials to tough out even the most enduring of rains, heat, or snow.

But even with this enhanced durability, one would still encounter damages of various kinds occurring on our very roofs. Some of these damages are the result of wear and tear while some, are made by our very own hands. Let’s see what causes our roofs to wear down through time, or sooner than expected.


A roof’s destiny is usually decided by the one who constructs it. That being said, improper installation of the roof can cause serious problems. What’s more is that these issues can present themselves when you least expect it. Take flashings, for example. Flashings are important components in the roofing system as they provide waterproofing, especially to roof corners. If flashings aren’t properly installed, you, as a homeowner, could be dealing with more than minor leaks. Once water manages to enter between the roofing components, it paves the way for even bigger problems like rot or molds.

Lack of Maintenance

A lot of us don’t really give our roofs the credit it deserves. Because of that, we neglect to look after it, even just to inspect the condition of our roofs from time to time. We forget the fact that even with superiorly made roofs, they would eventually succumb to the forces of Mother Nature. After installation of the roof, it is important to have a roof expert check on its condition from time to time. Depending on your location, you might be having your roof inspected more frequently. Don’t wait until the damage occurs before your very eyes; have someone inspect your roof right away before it gets worse.


Hail is one natural occurrence that doesn’t need a decent amount of time to damage your roof. Even steel roofs can meet its match when a barrage of ice rains down on it. These ice shards can punch a hole on even the toughest of materials. These occurrences are somewhat common in Tennessee. We might be able to anticipate it and place a protective covering over the roof but most of the time, it just catches us off guard. Roofing in Madison, TN or Goodlettsville, or any other part of the State for that matter, only has two outcomes, either it survives or it needs to get repaired. Once a hail storm passes by, inspect your roof immediately to see if it managed to retain its integrity or not.


One cannot deny the power of the wind. Gentle gusts can turn into a full-blown tornado in a matter of minutes. Gale force winds can rip off roofing systems, leaving roofing frames exposed to the elements. Sometimes, winds can gradually destroy roofing systems through constant attack or with other factors such as rain or dirt and debris that come with it. This concern is particularly true for homes in Florida and Nevada, although the former might experience it more frequently.

There are a lot of factors that can definitely take a toll on our roofs; some can be prevented before it even happens while some are simply out of our control. Whichever way we look at it, there’s no denying that our roofs command a certain degree of attention from us, homeowners. Lest we forget what household component keeps our heads dry?

If you happen to have one or two of these dilemmas, call those who know professional roofing in Madison, TN. Here at Expert Construction Roofing, we specialize in roof installation, repair and maintenance services this side of the State For more information, call us or check out our website. Remember, the roof is a crucial component in every home, don’t delay any issues you might encounter. Let Expert Construction Roofing handle it for you.