Is Roof Installation or Repair during Winter not Advisable?

The busiest time for several home renovation and roofing contractors in Nashville, TN is during summer. Many people are more likely to go through a renovation or have things repaired, both inside and outside, when the weather is warm. This makes sense because people are spending more of their time outside their homes and noticing the things that need to be fixed. Aside from the flower beds, there are certain parts of a home that are much easier to fix during sunny days. If you have been considering putting a new roof or repairing your old one, you may have thought about doing it in summer. So, is it only then that a roof installation or repair can be done?

If you are a customer opting to have your roof replaced, the most ideal time is during the warmer months. There are certain cases when a roofing repair cannot be postponed till the summer season. If you are forced to have your roof repaired or even replaced during the winter, you don’t have much of a choice. The question lies in whether it is a bad idea to have the roof fully repaired or replaced during the winter, rather than providing a temporary fix. With the temperature being so cold, materials can act differently and shingles can compress, leaving them to expand when it gets warmer. Is this a bad thing for your roof?

Roof Installation during Winter
With the countless roofing contractors in Goodlettsville, TN or in other areas of the state, you will surely come across several expert opinions whether or not roofing repairs or installations during winter is problematic. There are no strict guidelines as to the ideal outdoor temperature for the installation of shingles; however, different manufacturers do make recommendations for the ideal temperature and setting in which to apply a new roof. Depending on the type of shingle, it can be a better idea to wait until it is a bit warmer to do the installation.

The other problem with applying a new roof in low temperatures is that asphalt shingles can become rather brittle during cold weather. This may cause damage or breakage during installation. These problems can be minimized by keeping the shingles in a warm place until they are ready to install. We would suggest keeping the shingles in a warm bag until just before application so as to ensure their pliability. This way they don’t have time to harden or become brittle before they are adhered to the roof.

We would also suggest another option, which is applying the shingles on a sunny day but only if you have no other choice but to make the installation during the colder days of the year. The sun will help warm the adhesive that holds the shingles onto the roof. This will allow them to adhere better.

For more questions or concerns about replacing or repairing a roof during winter or in inclement weather, give us a call. We will send a representative to make a thorough assessment of the situation and provide expert advice on the best solution to take. We are your trusted roofing contractors in Nashville, TN.