Roofs: A Survival Basic

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Home improvement and roofing in Madison, TN has come a long way since the invention of the modern house. Nowadays, anyone can simply call a repair company to fix their clay roofs or install new windows on their living room walls. We are indeed living in a very convenient time. But what actually gives us that sense of convenience? Is it the walls of the house, or maybe the heating? We forget the fact that without the roof component of the house, the house itself wouldn’t even make sense in the first place.

Ever since man roamed the earth, he has been striving to come out on top of the food chain, creating weapons to dominate the field, bending the elements for his own benefit, and building better shelters to help him survive. Shelters are a concept that man simply cannot throw away. It has been theorized to be part of man’s primal need or drive. Psychologists all over the world would contest that apart from nourishment and companionship, man needs shelter. That is why we have evidence that early man went on exploring the world and would settle in caves from time to time. He then went on to build more complex structures, making use of organic material such as clay or rock. Then it slowly progressed into what we now see as the modern house.

The need for shelter always has a constant factor that one cannot simply take away – the roof. If you have seen documentaries about survival, they always point out that a shelter needs a roof to protect your head from the forces of nature. Sometimes you would see them develop shelters that are at the very least, simple. From lean-to shelters to Teepees, the presence of roof is always constant. And while it may be true that a house typically should have walls to protect you from the elements, survivalists would always point out that the design of the roof would be as important as any other wall. Besides, it only takes more time to do.

Early man would evidently do this during the times when people were still foraging for food. They didn’t take much time to build lavish homes but rather developed houses that tackled the basic need for shelter. So they made stands that would hold a roof over their heads or lean-tos with roofs acting not only for overhead protection but also as a wall.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that among all other components of a house, the roof is very important, even today. If you were to live in a house without a roof, would you even last a day? I don’t think so. The roof is an integral part of the house. Even if the house has no walls, one could still benefit from it. It is so important that one can get by with a broken wall but cannot cope with a damaged roof, especially if you live in relatively rainy places like Hawaii or Tennessee. It wouldn’t be a surprise if, for the next couple of days of living with a leaking roof, you would doubtlessly end up looking up keywords on your phone like roofing Goodlettsville TN or roof experts FL just to fix the issue.

We have to admit that ever since we learned how to develop shelters of our own, roofing has always been a vital part of the whole construction. The concept of the roof has been deeply ingrained into our system that it has, in a sense, become a basic need. The next time you feel burdened by the cost of availing services for roofing in Madison, TN; think about how important it is for you and your survival.

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